La Voix Des Sirènes

Acoustic Music Association

How can the name of the association be justified when the legend says that the song of the siren, blowing in the wind, is ominous and portends impending death? Maybe it cannot be. As we are gradually elaborating our own interpretations of that dirge – a kind of spellbinding female polyphony whose ethereal frequency is hardly perceptible to the human ear but addresses the unconscious directly – we are getting to consider that voice calling for shipwreck and hard luck as an opportunity to pull oneself together and change direction.

The voice of the siren is disturbing. Its originality does not stem from the high volume or musical gimmicks so characteristic of many others. It stems from an incisive form of minimalism, intent on going straight to the point, and from a manifest wish to avoid any spectacular staging of its art.

The voice of the siren is music addressing everyone intimately. Everybody’s relation to music is first and foremost a matter of intimacy, even though music always enables people to gather and communicate.

“La voix des sirènes” will try and whisper its pure, candid stanzas in the heart of our modern world by releasing – money permitting – the music and sounds of the artists it is congenial with, and by organising every now and then public musical sessions.


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Saturday night at sea

Bastards on the go / Three years is a long whale going"



La Chamberonie


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